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About Beauty Oils

What are beauty oils?

Beauty oils are just the best thing ever in skincare, but hey, we may be biased. They're like liquid gold for your skin, little miracles in bottles, the staples of a great skincare routine. Okay, we'll stop with the metaphors and get down to the dirty details.

Beauty oils are extracted from the most potent plants packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients (many of which are known today as superfoods, providing the same things when we digest them). They come naturally packed with these nutrients, that then get absorbed into your skin. Depending on the oils, you might get something that absorbs quick or a more deeply hydrating treatment. Either way, all beauty oils are packed with nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants which help treat and reverse skin and sun damage, improve skin texture, elasticity, and more. There's no room for filler in a great beauty oil. 

Oh, and while beauty oils as a term in general can be used for all sorts of things (hair, body, cuticles, etc), ours are (mostly) specifically formulated for the face. You may find beauty oils out in the wild described as face oils, facial oils, face serums. And we made one for each skin type.

It's science and magic, really.

Why are beauty oils so popular now? Are they, like, a new thing?

From camellia oil's long-storied history as part of the Japanese geisha's skin and haircare ritual to kukui nut oil's claim as pure and gentle enough for baby skin, beauty oils have long existed as star ingredients in skincare throughout history. In the last few years, beauty oils as a skincare product have enjoyed tons of interest again, as we - you, us, society - move towards a call for cleaner, more transparent beauty.

A caveat: Beauty companies have brought many of these star ingredients back, but not necessarily in full force, preferring to market products as natural and containing the benefits of these oils, when they often only make up a small portion of these beauty products. The rest is mostly filler.

We make pure beauty oils blended together harmoniously so that each ingredient is a star, and everything else - the stuff that gets put into beauty products to keep costs down, to extend shelf life - gets thrown out. Our beauty oils are as they should be: 100% natural, pure and truly essential, the way they have been used since forever. Why mess with a good thing when it works? That's our philosophy, and why we prefer to create pure blends, customized for modern life and skin types.

Wait, but my skin is oily.

Oil + oil = happy skin. Why? Your skin is pretty magical (even when it's acting up like a beast), but it's really just science. Oily skin can be caused by dehydration, believe it or not. If you're prone to oily skin due to genetics and when your skin is dehydrated, it creates the perfect storm for excessively oily skin because your skin cells start producing more oil in response to your skin. This is why alcohol-based products often intensify and worsen breakouts: alcohol strips the skin of its moisture, leaving it super thirsty. Acne and breakouts get worse when we add creams and lotions on top, trapping bacteria next to our inflamed skin cells underneath the top layer. The right beauty oil does wonders for oily skin, actually helping to balance and control acne, shine and sebum production. How? To keep things simple, think of it as a trojan horse type of situation: since oil closely matches your skin's naturally occurring oils more than any lotion or cream ever could that only sits on top of your skin, and since oil attracts oil (remember all those science experiments?), when you apply a beauty oil with the right ingredients to calm your skin (cough, cough: Rain), it actually goes deep into your skin, delivering those nutrients where it matters.

A heads up though: we've found that like many new skincare regimes, it can take a few days for your skin cells to adapt to the new good stuff you're feeding it. 

Halp! My beauty oil isn't working. I'm breaking out.

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. We do our best to make blends that work for all skin types, but every single person's skin is so unique. Here are a few things to consider if your beauty oil isn't working out:

  • Have you cleansed properly? 
  • How is your diet?
  • Have you given your skin a few days to adapt?
  • Are you using the right beauty oil for your skin? 
  • If you'd like more guidance or have concerns, please give us a shout at

Is there any difference between your beauty oils and say, an avocado oil, I might find at the drugstore or a local health food store?

That depends. Since we can't know for sure what oil you're referring to, we don't have an exact answer for this. However, different oils come at different grades and are processed differently. What works great for food may not work as well on the face. Our beauty oils are sourced from the finest ethical producers, are certified organic when possible, and are selected to provide the most nutrients and best deliverability to skin cells specifically. Also, we've taken great pride in providing custom blends that combine specific ingredients to complement each other. You can use a drugstore brand if it makes your skin better. After all, that's what we love to see, but feel free to try ours too.

Are your oils cold-pressed? Uh, what are cold-pressed oils?

All our oils are cold-pressed. That means that the oils are extracted using a process that is at a low enough temperature that the oils don't lose their nutritional value. Not all oils are created equal. Even though they naturally have all these antioxidants and vitamins, a lot of times, these things can be removed during the oil extraction process. Not so with ptl. We're all about the cold-pressed stuff.

How do I store my beauty oil?

You can store it anywhere, as long as it's cool and dark. Don't place it in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Remember: our products are made from cold-pressed oils, which means that they retain their nutrients, but also means that they're still fresh and have a shelf life. Direct sunlight will shorten the life span of your oil.

Do you test on animals?

No, we love our fuzzy, furry and even slimy friends. Our beauty oil blends as well as each ingredient in them has never been tested on animals. And we wouldn't ever need to: we have plenty of willing testers.

Are beauty oils okay for sensitive skin?

Generally, yes. One of the most irritating and commonly used filler ingredients found in modern skincare products is alcohol, and we never use alcohol in any of our beauty oils. That said, because our ingredients are natural, you may still experience a natural allergic reaction. We always recommend patch testing before use. 

P.S. Our best formula for sensitive skin is Madge, which contains only 3 oils: argan, sweet almond and camellia. We find it to be the best all-purpose oil that works great for everyone.

Are your beauty oils vegan-friendly?

Yes! There are no animal byproducts in any of our beauty oils. 

How do I use beauty oils?

This is our favorite question of all because the possibilities are truly endless! While we created our formulas specifically for the face, we've used beauty oils for hair, body, a drop in your foundation, as a replacement for shaving cream, or a few drops in your bath. Some beauty oils are better for being multipurpose. Madge is our favorite all-around Swiss army knife of beauty oils and is our #1 skincare essential for desert islands, travel and any situation where we may ever be forced to choose just one thing. The same goes for Oasis, for an extra boost of hydration. If you're into lists, we made one for you, of things Madge and Oasis can be used for:

  • A facial oil, duh
  • For double-cleansing (also oil-cleansing in general)
  • A body oil
  • For rough spots and patches
  • In place of shaving cream
  • To mix in with your foundation
  • To mix in with your cream or moisturizer
  • A hair oil
  • Any leftover oil can be used to moisturize the hands 
  • Soothe skin after sunburn, windburn

Are beauty oils just for nighttime?  

No. Most oils are perfectly fine for day use, though you may want to leave the more hydrating oils (i.e. Oasis) for nighttime, unless you have very dry skin.

Warning: The only exception to this rule is Luna, our brightening beauty oil. Luna contains photosensitive ingredients, a fancy way of saying that they chemically react to the sun, and not in a good way. Only use Luna at night.

For all other oils, because they are oils, just allow a couple minutes to absorb before applying sunscreen and makeup, and you're good to go. 

Are beauty oils more like a moisturizer or a serum? 

Please don't make us choose, because they're both. They're an oil, so yes, they're super moisturizing, but they're probably more like a serum in that they're super-concentrated and packed with ingredients that do a lot more than just add a barrier of moisture to your face (what a product labelled as a moisturizer tends only to do). Beauty oils hydrate the top layer and work underneath to provide hydration below the surface of your skin. 

How much do I need?

A small bottle goes a looooong way. 3 small drops is plenty for your entire face, though touch-ups may require 2, and dry days and winter climates may require 4-5. Find what works for you. And when we say drops, we mean an actual drop, not a pump. That's how potent these are.

Can I refrigerate my oil? Will that make it last longer/work better/give me superhuman powers?

No, please don't. Beauty oils are best kept at a cool, room temperature. If refrigerated, their composition may change. 

What's the shelf life of a beauty oil?

Because our beauty oils are cold-pressed, they will expire. We have added Vitamin E as a natural preservative to each of our oils, but each oil will be be good for at least 6 months after purchase. 

What's the best way to apply beauty oil?

You can apply it any way you like, but we found the most effective way is to dab the oil into your fingers, and then tap lightly into your skin in circular motions. This delivers the oil into your skin without irritating it as much you would if you rubbed it in.

Can I wear makeup with my beauty oil?

Yes! Please do. Beauty oils aren't meant just to treat your skin, they're seriously multi-purpose, and depending on your skin type and needs, provide some of the same benefits as a makeup primer, helping to smooth out skin texture and providing a clearer base to work with. Any makeup you apply should blend better. Though, if you have oily skin, we still recommend a primer if you're wearing quite a bit of makeup, to avoid melting-face-look.

Do I still need sunscreen?

100% yes. Please protect your skin from the sun. Beauty oils do not contain UV protection, so always apply a sunscreen after your beauty oil for daytime use.

What do these beauty oils smell like?

Tbh, we don't use synthetic fragrance in any of our formulations, mainly for the reason that fragrance is often bad news for sensitive skin. So each of our beauty oils smells exactly like it should: like the oils that they're made up of, nothing more. You might enjoy the smell, or you might not, and we're not going to sugarcoat this. Of the same oil, one person said it smelled like flowers, while someone else said it smelled like a nasty medicine. Both raved about how it worked. Either way, we're not in it to make nice-smelling things (and least, not yet), we're here to save your skin. Go smell a flower. ;)

Do I still need to use toner?

That's totally up to you. We love beauty oils because they save a lot of time and cut out a lot of steps. But, there's not really a prescriptive way to use them. You can use toner if you like. We think a rose water spray works wonders. Toner sometimes just feels really refreshing on the skin, so if you're into that alone, by all means, go for it. 

Are your beauty oils chemical-free?

Great question! The answer to that is our beauty oils are full of chemicals, but here's the thing: water is a chemical too. Our beauty oils are made from potent, 100% natural, plant-powered oils and essential oils. They're still chemical (chemistry is all around us, and that's beautiful), but as with all skin products, please do a patch test to ensure you don't have any allergies or sensitivities. Chemicals aren't bad, inherently. We just prefer, as we do with the rest of our lives, to not deal with beauty products that are over-inflated, over-priced, and full of filler. So let's rephrase: our beauty oils don't contain any toxic chemicals, but they do contain chemicals, just like your body does. 

Where are your beauty oils made/sourced?

Our beauty oil ingredients are sourced from ethical producers all over the world, based on their region's plant culture. I.e. the best argan oil comes from Morocco, the best camellia oil comes from China, etc. They are then hand bottled in a studio in between the mountains, ocean and fresh air of Vancouver, Canada.

Um, that's a lot of info, but I still have a question.

Sure thing! We're here to help. You can contact us via Messenger chat (there's a blue pop-out at the bottom of this window), via email anytime at, or by using the form below. Come say hello!

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