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Oh, hey! This is us.

PTL (pronounced /ˈpet·əl/) Beauty Oil Co. makes premium beauty oil blends for better, simpler and more effective natural skincare. We sell direct to you, so you get all of the super-potent ingredients to feed your skin, none of the "luxury" prices.

Why beauty oils?

Beauty oils are extracted from the most potent plants packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients (many of which are known today as superfoods, providing the same things when we digest them). They come naturally packed with these nutrients, that then get absorbed into your skin.

Depending on the oils, you might get something that absorbs quick or a more deeply hydrating treatment. Either way, all beauty oils are packed with nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants which help treat and reverse skin and sun damage, improve skin texture, elasticity, and more. 

Our beauty oils

Our custom blended face oils were designed to both simplify and supplement your current skincare routine using ingredients sourced from ethical producers around the world, containing natural antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Our blends are 100% vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and free of filler. That means: no parabens, alcohol, water, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrance. And we made one for every skin type.

Let the good stuff sink in

We believe that skincare should be simple and potent, clean in ingredients and a little bit messy in application. We want you to get back in touch with yourself, with your skin, with your senses. Smell the flowers, breathe the fresh air, let it all sink in.