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Beauty Oils 101

12 Ways to Use a Beauty Oil

12 Ways to Use a Beauty Oil

The hype is real: beauty oils work, and since their introduction into the modern beauty-sphere a couple years ago, they've become a staple of many beauty routines and top shelves. You may have fallen in love at first touch, feeling the gloriousness of a delightfully nutritious skin concoction work its wonders immediately, or perhaps it was more of a slow burn, where it took a while before one day, you woke up and took a real, long hard look at yourself in the mirror, only to think: You look good, girl. Either way, a great beauty oil is a miracle in a bottle. We're embarrassed now to admit that we listened to the marketing hype of the beauty industry way back when Britney was coming in not coming back, when they told us that "oil-free" was a good and coveted thing, because as we discovered: there could be nothing better for our complexions than an oil full of vitamins, natural antioxidants and nutrients fed straight into your skin.

You know it, we know it. We're never going to let this one go. You may have experimented with a beauty oil or two at this point, using it as you should, like a moisturizer/serum, but like any good film/book/partner, a great beauty oil touches you in more ways than one. And that's not a gimmick, a hyperbole, or an overstatement: we use our beauty oil for everything. It's not just because we're lazy but because we believe in out-of-the-door beauty, a concept that cares not about how many beauty products you use, but about the ingredients that are in them. And if the best ingredients work, why repackage and sell you on something else? The lesson here today is, now you finally a good answer for the question: what would you bring on a desert island? If we weren't so worried about survival, I think all we'd need are a good sunscreen and a beauty oil. 

1. On your face.

Well, we had to start here. Good for day or night (though check to make sure you're not using an oil specifically formulated for nighttime use), here's how to get the most out of a beauty oil for your face: drop 2-3 small drops into the palm of your hand, then lightly tap into cleansed skin, as rubbing may cause irritation. If you have oily or normal skin, you may find that a beauty oil is enough hydration. If not, you can use a beauty oil more like a serum, which would be applied after moisturizer, to help seal in the moisture and boost your skin with an extra dose of nutrients. Most facial oils are lightweight enough so that they absorb quite quickly. Translation: you won't look like an oil slick, more that you'll have a more even complexion and healthy glow.

2. In your hair.

Beauty oils are great for taming flyaways, frizz and sorting out bad hair days. The best way to do it while avoiding Snape-head is to add a few drops into the palm of your hands, rub it in, then lightly massage into your dry or damp hair, being careful not to touch the roots. Will work wonders to defrizz dry ends and keep hair healthy-looking.

3. As a highlighter.  

Take a drop of your favorite facial oil, apply it to the back of your hand, then take your finger and tap into it. Take your finger and apply it to your favorite light or shimmer shadow to make a better highlighter that won't just look like shimmer, but will give you the sort of glow we call real life movie star look. Totally appropriate for everyday because it "dilutes" what may otherwise be too much. Best places to apply this impromptu highlight? On your cheekbones, browbone, the bridge of your nose and your cupid's bow. 

4. On your body.

While many body oils are too heavy for the face, you can totally do the reverse and use a face oil on the body. We sort of prefer it this way, because we personally find that many body oils take forever to absorb, which won't be an issue when you're using a multi-tasking oil. You'll just want to use a few more drops. Pro tip: take your favorite essential oil blend and mix it in with your oil to give it a light scent.  

5. As a lip scrub.

Take a drop and add a bit of sugar and mix it all up to make your own sort-of-DIY sugar-based lip scrub. Have a mini bottle in your purse? Dab a bit on your lips, blot with a tissue, and apply lipstick for a smoother finish. We swear by this: it works a lot better than most lip balms, which tend to feel like we're just adding a filmy layer on top of our already dry lips. 

6. As a cuticle softener.

We mostly do this one by accident when, after applying a beauty oil, noticing that our hands were noticeably softer. Take it a step further and apply a few drops to your cuticles and massaging the oil in for healthier cuticles and nails.

7. To super-power your face scrub/exfoliant.

This is the most fun way to use a beauty oil. Instead of using water or toner to activate your favorite face polish/scrub/exfoliant, add a few drops of your facial oil and massage the concoction into your skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes for a face mask. If you don't have a store-bought face scrub to use, you can even create your own by taking leftover coffee grounds, mix in a bit of sugar and facial oil, and massaging that into your skin (coffee stimulates cellular growth, making it great for giving your skin a deep clean). Works on the face and body.

8. To double-cleanse.

Double-cleansing, if you haven't heard of it, is a skincare ritual that involves washing your face twice. The reasoning behind this? There are two types of things you want to rid your face of after a long day: oil-based substances such as sebum and makeup, and then the rest of the stuff, such as dead skin cells, bacteria, and sweat. And one type of cleanser won't take care of it all, without harsh rubbing and tugging that could actually be doing more damage to your skin than good. A facial oil can be used for the first step, to get rid of oil-based substances without being abrasive to your skin, especially if you're lazy and don't really want to buy another cleanser to get the benefits of double-cleansing. Use a cotton pad to remove that first layer of gunk with your face oil, then follow up with a gentle cleanser to finish the job.

9. As a primer during foundation-free days.

Ever just want to skip a full face of makeup? Because facial oils do a brilliant job of evening skin tone, using a beauty oil alone can work wonders to fix dull skin almost instantly. A great facial oil makes the perfect canvas for a makeup-free look. Just remember your sunscreen, brow game and lippy. We like to use our lipstick as blush, for an almost complete super-natural look with just 4 products. (Oh, and concealer if you stayed up all night.) 

10. As a makeup remover.

Gone travelling and forget your usual trusty makeup remover? Reach for your face oil instead. It does the job just as well.

11. To make your own CC cream.

Mix a couple of drops of a beauty oil into your liquid or cream foundation to make a concoction that provides the same anti-aging, brightening, and skin-boosting benefits of a great CC cream. If you ever find that your makeup has a bit of a cakey or one-dimensional look, adding a few drops of facial oil doesn't just make your skin better from the inside out, but adds a bit of a glow for a more even and flawless finish. 

12. As a mid-day touchup. 

Your makeup starting to look dull just before work ends and you have some thing to go to after? And you don't have the time to do it all again? Try this: take a few drops of your beauty oil and apply it over your makeup, tapping it gently into your skin. Your skin, and consequently you, will look instantly refreshed and revived. All you need is to re-apply your lipstick (or favorite 2-in-1) on your lips and cheeks, and you'll look like you just woke up. Yeah, I woke up like this.


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